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Class Descriptions

Nose Work:

Four Pillars - This class focuses on the dog's nose work skills - the Four Pillars of Nose Work (hunt drive, independence, problem solving, and confidence). It is open to dogs of all levels, and is recommended for beginners before taking the Patterns and Handling class.

Patterns and Handling - This class focuses on the skills the handler needs in nose work, including mechanical skills (leash handling, foodwork, reinforcement timing and placement), reading your dog, and search strategies.
Field Trip - this class is rotating around to different parks to expose the dogs to new environments. Dogs need a solid foundation before joining this class. Contact Natalie if you have any questions about this class' suitability for your dog.
Crating in/next to your car is required for all group classes. Sun shades (like aluminet) and fans make a huge difference in the summer. Let me know if you need any assistance finding the appropriate items.

Obedience: We are not offering group obedience classes in person at this time. We do have virtual group Handler's Choice classes and offer private lessons at our facility.

DogJutsu - this is our practical obedience program.

Handler's Choice - in this class you can choose your topic! Precision obedience, practical obedience (DogJutsu), treibball, tricks, or agility.
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