Call for Interest for SCB Committee Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in serving on the SCB Chapters Committee! 
The Committee seeks four volunteers to fill the following positions by 30 October 2019:
Conferences: Plans & coordinates all meeting activities of the SCB Chapters Committee and maintain meeting calendar and ensure event planning is on track. 
Liaison to the SCB Marine Section: Chapters link to the SCB Marine Section. 
Secretary: Plays a critical role in fostering communication and ensuring proper management and utilization of important organizational records (giving proper notice of any meetings and timely distribution of materials such as agendas and meeting minutes.  
Webmaster: Work with the SCB Executive Office and Chapters to monitor keep Chapters website up-to-date, ensure functionality of the Chapters site, and monitor online traffic, facilitate conversations.
Please complete the form below to let us know your preferred position. You may select up to five positions, but rank them in order of preference. You must be an SCB member to serve on the Chapters Committee.
Match your strengths and interest to the position(s) you wish to serve. 
The Chapters Committee assists and advises Chapters as well as strengthens the contribution of Chapters to SCB. The Committee does so in the following ways: helping Chapters establish and grow; enabling Chapters to exchange ideas and information; increasing Chapter cooperation and coordination with other SCB groups; facilitating the Chapter voice and presence within SCB; and encouraging Chapter contributions in implementing SCB’s strategic plan. Committee membership is open to any member of SCB who has a commitment to furthering the purpose and activities of Chapters.
Thank you for your interest in serving SCB on the Chapters Committee
You must select two positions. Use "1" to indicate your preferred choice and "2" to indicate your second preference. You will be considered for your second preference only if there is a need and if your first option is not available. *
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