Call for Interest to Serve on an ICCB 2025 Planning Committees

Serving on an ICCB planning committee is a great opportunity to support SCB's mission, forge lasting connections with volunteers throughout the SCB network, and gain meaningful experience organizing an international scientific congress. Committee members contribute their unique perspectives and expertise to ICCB in a way that shapes the direction and substance of the congress while advancing their leadership and project management skills.
Please complete this form by 15 April to let us know your preferred committees.
You may serve on up to two committees, but please rank your top two choices in order of preference. 
Be sure to match your strengths, expertise, and interest to the committee(s) you wish to join. ICCB seeks ~4-7 members per committee. Volunteers should have plans to attend the congress (Brisbane, Australia, 15-20 June 2025).
Depending on the committee, volunteers should anticipate meeting for approximately one hour every four to six weeks, with an additional commitment of one to three hours for asynchronous committee work between meetings.
  • Scientific Committee: Organizes the scientific program for ICCB, including the selection of plenary speakers and the design of the plenary program. Also oversees the review process for proposals and abstracts and schedules the scientific program in consultation with the Steering Committee. 

  • Student Affairs Committee: Manages student activities in collaboration with the Social Events Committee and the Steering Committee. 
  • Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Committee: Leads initiatives that represent DEI in the Australian / Oceania context and supports an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment for ICCB delegates.
  • Student Awards & Prizes Committee: Coordinates student awards competition, judging, and prizes. 

  • Social Events Committee: Ensures that ICCB incorporates local culture and art into its programming, identifies fun congress activities, including the closing dinner, compiles local information for delegates, consults on entertainment and education for the opening and closing ceremonies for regional cultural significance, and identifies and secures local volunteers to assist with the coordination of local logistics. This committee requires significant participation from people based locally in Queensland, Australia, but also needs to incorporate the perspective of visitors. 
  • Travel Awards Committee: In collaboration with the Steering Committee, oversees the travel awards application review and selection process(es).

  • Language Accessibility Committee: Works to reduce language barriers, including effective communication and participation for attendees who may not consider themselves proficient with the English language. This may involve developing innovative new events and approaches to incorporating non-English language at ICCB, providing guidance on fostering an environment where all languages are valued, and developing language accessibility guidelines for presenters and session organizers.
Please rank up to two committees on which you'd like to serve, with your preferred committee ranked "1" and your second committee ranked "2." * 🛈
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