Call for Nominations to Serve on the SCB Board of Governors

Nominate Yourself or Someone Else to Serve on the SCB Board of Governors!
SCB seeks nominees for the following positions on its Board of Governors: President-Elect; Treasurer; Secretary; Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Officer; and Vice President for Programs.
Use this form to submit your nominations. Before you complete this form, please read the Call for Nominations and learn more about the open board positions, including term lengths. 
Selected nominees will stand for election in early 2019. Terms of service for each position begins 1 July 2019. 
Self-nominations are welcome, and historically most nominations have been self-nominations. If you nominate someone other than yourself, please contact that person to make sure they're willing to be considered. 
The SCB Governance Committee will follow up with nominees to receive additional information. 
Thank you for your interest in serving SCB! Be sure to match your strengths, expertise, and interest (or that of your nominee) to the board position you seek (or the position you're nominating someone for). 
Nominating someone else? Enter your name and email below. 
Nominee Information
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Select the board position you (or your nominee) wish to serve. Please note that President-Elect requires previous board service. If you select President-Elect, you must answer two questions on previous board service immediately below. *
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President-Elect Nominations Only: Does the nominee have previous experience serving on the SCB Board of Governors?
If this is a self nomination, please state below in 100 words or less why you want to serve in the position you've selected.
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If you are nominating someone else, please tell us in 100 words or less why your nominee makes a good candidate for the position you've selected.
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