Believe it or not, ladders are a very integral part of Work Camp. Without them the work just wouldn’t get done. Keeping track of over 200 ladders can be very difficult, and we need your help! Please complete this form and return it with the rest of your registration packet. This will allow the ladder coordinator to make necessary arrangements, so there are adequate ladders at each site, each day.
This form MUST accompany all the others in your registration packet and be postmarked no later than May 1, 2020. Please complete and return this form regardless of any restriction (see below), so we can have an accurate count of the quantity of ladders we will have for Work Camp. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our ladder coordinator, 
Please provide an inventory of the ladders your congregation will be bringing by completing the following table:
Size (6 ft, 8ft, 10ft,)
Type (step ladder, Extension ladder)
Note: Type = extension, step, straight, etc.
 Please make sure each ladder you bring is clearly labeled with the name of your congregation (You may also include the name of the ladder’s owner).

 Additional labels may be added during work camp by the ladder coordinator or his team for purpose of keeping track of the overall inventory.
Are there any restrictions on the ladders you bring? *
For example, are you willing to have your ladders included with the rest of the Work Camp Ladder inventory and dispersed throughout the 35 sites and then returned to you at the end of Work Camp?

Transportation Information

This form MUST be submitted with all the other items in your registration packet. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our transportation coordinator, Ryan Ice, either by phone @304-580-1135 or by email:
PLEASE NOTE: If you have a van but plan to remove seats to make more room for luggage, etc., please indicate the ACTUAL NUMBER OF SEATS you will available for transporting crews to sites. 
*ANY changes made after this form is submitted need to be forwarded ASAP!
Vehicle Type (Van, Truck, SUV, etc.)
Total Number of Seats (Including Driver)
Driver (Can this vehicle be loaned out?)
Trailer (Open or Closed?)
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