Work Camp Registration

Mid-Ohio Valley Work Camp 2020
June 21st-26th
Youth/Adult Registration Form
Teens and adults must completely fill out the following information and return it to the Youth Director or Adult Leader for your congregation. Please do not for-get to mark your t-shirt size and the amount that you are paying!
Gender *
Have you attended workcamp before? *
Have you painted the exterior of a house before? *
Are you able to climb an extension ladder? *
Are you interested in being part of the Evangelism team? *
T-Shirt Size *
The cost is $85 per teen and $25 per adult. A family discount of $60.00 will be given to families where there are 2 or more from the same family. Amount attached: *
Make checks out to your home congregation and turn in the following to your youth leader:
Registration Form, Medical Form, Release Form, and Payment NO LATER THAN MAY 1, 2020!
Don’t Forget to Bring

 Bible/notebook/pen or pencil
 Toiletries - Toothbrush & paste, soap, shampoo, washcloths, towels
 Plenty of work clothes and sneakers
 Bedding - twin size sheets, pillow, blanket, or sleeping bag
 Sunscreen, sunglasses, protective goggles, work gloves
 One air mattress/room (leaders can gather a few for their group)
 Money to spend at canteen & for dinner on the town on Tuesday
 4 inch paintbrush
 Ladder (youth leaders will make a list)
 $10 refundable room deposit (Please have congregation write one check to cover all room deposits)
 A great attitude with a servant’s heart!
Dress Code & Reminders

No tank tops
Knee-length shorts only
No midriff shirts - no stomachs showing
Shirts must be worn at all times
No low-cut shirts
No spaghetti straps
No undergarments showing
No open-toed shoes are allowed on the job sites. Sneakers only!

Please remember that we are representing Christ in this community. Dressing modestly and appropriately shows respect - not only to Christ, but also for community and your fellow campers. Thank you for being responsible.

Mid-Ohio Valley Work Camp is a project organized to give young people an opportunity to serve God by serv-ing others who are in need.
All participants who attend Work Camp will be housed in the dormitories at Ohio Valley University in Vienna, WV.
Breakfast is mandatory for everyone and will be served in the cafeteria. Lunches will be provided at local churches and dinner will be served in the evenings back at OVU. Tuesday night is dinner on the town with your site group. Please bring money for dinner on Teusday. There is also a late night canteen in the dorms - bring money for that, too.
The house that will be painted during the week are re-ferred to as work sites. The tasks at the work sites in-clude scraping, painting, caulking, minor repairs, clean-ing up, and perhaps light yard work. Most of the houses are owned by people who are living on limited incomes or by senior citizens who cannot do the work them-selves.
Each site will be inspected for hazards or safety issues before Work Camp begins. First aid is available at each site. Water will be provided at each site during the day. Our policy is always Safety First.
Phone Policy
Because of our safety first policy, workers will not be allowed to have their cell phones on the job sites. Phones will be collected and placed in a box during the work day.
The cost is $85 per teen and $25 per adult. See registration form for family discount. All participants must fill out a Registration Form, Medical Form, and Release Form. Give the forms and payment to the youth leader by May 1st. Registrations postmarked after deadline will be charged a $25 late fee per person.

Rule and Guidelines for Work Camp Housing

1. Bring your personal items (pillows, bedding [sheets, blankets, sleeping bag, air mattress], toiletries, alarm clock, etc.).

2. Everyone needs to be in his/her room with lights out by 12:00 a.m.

3. No loud music should be heard after 11:30 p.m..

4. No one is allowed off campus without permission from the director.

5. There will be male/female areas. No one of the opposite sex is allowed in the other areas at any time.

6. All rooms will be locked during the day.

7. A $10 refundable room deposit will be made by each person. Rooms will be checked after departure. Room deposit checks will be shredded (not returned) if no damages are found.

8. No tobacco products, foul language, pornographic materials, alcoholic beverages or music of poor taste will be allowed during your time on campus.

9. As guests of OVU, you are expected to be respectful at all times. We are asking you to respect the property and furnishings on campus. Respect should be shown to all people as well.

10. Chaperones are encourage to collect car keys from your teenagers at the beginning of work camp.

11. Have a good attitude, and HAVE FUN!!

Rooms are your normal college dorm rooms. They will have a set of twin beds. Please do not move mattresses into other rooms. Your group will need to bring air mattresses or sleeping bags. We try to only put 4 people per room. However, this is not always possible we might have to put 5 in a room. If there are only 2 of one gender in your group it might be necessary to place them with another group for housing.
By Checking this box, I am acknowledging that the Work Camp and Housing rules have been read by the student/adult who is participating in Work Camp. Participant is also agreeing to follow all rules that have been put into place by MOV WorkCamp and OVU. *
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