After completing the information we will ask you to pay by credit card. Payment is required at the time of ordering. After you have ordered we will send you a confirmation email within 48 hours.
Please be aware that if ordering within 5 business days of the event bump in date we will make every effort to satisfy your order. In rare cases stock availability may restrict our ability to satisfy these requests. If that is the case we will contact you within 48 hours of your order and may decline your order and refund you within 7 days after the order date. 
Save when ordering more than 1 device in one order!
You can bundle devices and save with discounted rates when ordering more than 1 in the one order.
1 Lead Capture device A$489
2 Lead Capture devices A$649 (save A$329 off regular price)
3 Lead Capture devices A$799 (save A$668 off regular price)
4 Lead Capture devices A$1065 (save A$891 off regular price)
Your financial institute may convert this charge into the currency of the card used to make the payment

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Special - Save $329 (off regular price and ex GST) when ordering 2 devices
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