2024 Dallas Holiday Parade Cast Member Form

This application for participation in the Dallas Holiday Parade is designed to provide the parade leadership with important information about your organization’s proposed involvement in the event. Please provide complete information. You will be contacted by November 1 if your group is accepted to be a cast member in the parade!
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Dallas Holiday Parade Rules & Regulations You Must Adhere to:

  1. By completing an application to participate in the Dallas Holiday Parade, you understand that not all applicants will be selected for participation.

    2. The Dallas Holiday Parade reserves the right to accept or reject any parade unit application.

    3. No child under the age of 12 is allowed to walk in the parade.

    4. Any additions or changes made to parade units after acceptance must be approved by the Parade Committee. Parade units with changes that have not been approved will not be allowed on the parade route.

    5. Parade units will follow instructions from Parade Staff, Parade Volunteers and members of the Dallas Police Department. Unit leaders accept responsibility for the behavior of their members.

    6. Band Members must be in their traditional uniform. Bands wearing sweatsuits will not be allowed to march in the parade.

    7. Units are restricted to a limited number of staff members or chaperones marching with the unit. They must also be dressed uniformly. The size and type of unit will direct the number and will be communicated before the parade by the chairman of the committee overseeing the group.

    8. Family members and friends are NOT allowed to stay with participants in the parade area or in the line of march.

    9. Consumption of candy, food, drinks and gum are prohibited once you have been placed in your line-up position. Smoking is prohibited in all parade areas both on the street and inside buildings used for parade assembly.  Any infraction will result in the Dallas Police Department removing you from the line up.

    10. No vehicles are allowed on the parade route with participating units unless approved by the Parade Committee in advance.

    11. Parade Participants are not allowed to distribute candy, pamphlets or other materials along the parade route. The Parade Committee may give prior approval for distribution along sidewalks (outside of parade barricades) to spectators. Participants found tossing materials to spectators will be removed from the parade route and are subjects to the laws of the City of Dallas.

    12. Individual units may not bring their own signage unless approved in advance by Parade Committee.

    13. Parade Participants must keep pace with the line of march. All units must maintain forward motion during the parade. No counter marching or other maneuver contrary to the forward progress of the parade is allowed. Set spacing must be maintained at all times.

    14. Parade Units are NOT to stop in the television zone unless otherwise directed. Keep a forward motion at all times. All units must rpoceed through the TV ZONE with their music in play already!

    15. The Parade Staff reserves the right to remove any unit from the line of march for any reason or cause without advance notice.

    16. Use of any political sign, social or political material, or improper use of the American flag is not permitted. “Proper” use of the flag is based upon U.S. flag policy set forth in the U.S. Code.

    17. By filling out an application you are in full agreement with the Dallas Holiday Parade Rules and Regulations guidelines provided above.
I have read the above Parade Rules and Regulations and agree to adhere to these. *