2020 Summer Camp Rooming List

Hotel camps require that we have names of all participants assigned to each room. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email of your submitted rooming list.

Please make certain you print and fax this form to the hotel. Once submitted, you will see "Printer Friendly Receipt". Print it and fax to the hotel. 

Room Assignments

Student Rooms -

Assign 4 students per room in each blank. Additional students will be grouped with students from other schools. Directors are assigned 2 directors per room. You can enter up to 60 students on this form. If you have more than 60 students, please complete the form a second time with the remaining student names.

*Please note that if your Hotel Camp rooming list is submitted with a private room (solo occupancy) assignment, a $250 private room fee will be added to your team's camp fees.

Assign students so that your group uses the fewest number of rooms possible with no more than 4 students per room. You are welcome to divide your group into rooms of 3 or 2 students, so long as you are using the fewest number of rooms possible. Example: A group of 5 officers could split into 2 rooms of 3 and 2 instead of 4 and 1. Place an (SO) next to Social Officers names.