NEPTA Scholarship Application

The NorthEast Passenger Transportation Association (NEPTA) Scholarship Award Program, originated in 1999, recognizes the importance of education and provides financial support to members and their dependents pursuing continuing education.All applicants will be considered with priority intented for those candidates who demonstrate how their degree or educational goal relates to transit. . 

Priority will be given to outstanding student(s) who demonstrate a specific interest in advancing transportation.

The scholarship award program is administered by the current year NEPTA Board of Directors through the support of event sponsors and funds raised during the annual scholarship golf tournament. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, gender, disability, or national origin. The NEPTA Board of Directors, Finance Committee, has the final vote in the selection process.


Applicants to the NEPTA Scholarship Award Program must qualify in at least one category scholarship.

Category I: employee of a NEPTA member organizations in good standing

Category II: dependents of employees of NEPTA member organizations in good standing

All applicants must be enrolled in school and must be pursuing enrichment in their transit career in a transportation-related field mentioned above.


GPA of 3.0 or higher

Currently enrolled in (or accepted for the fall 2019) an undergraduate or graduate degree program or trade vocational school, etc. in a transit related field mentioned above. 

APPLICATION MUST INCLUDE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS *all documents must be submitted electronically through application link


Download reference letters from three (3) people (non-relatives) to include a personal recommendation letter and two either professional and/or academic AND one (1) from the sponsoring agency/organization reference summary. All applications must be endorsed by a NEPTA member. Reference letter must be signed and provide contact information. NEPTA Scholarship Committee member may contact your reference.


Plans to pursue a career in a transit-related field. 

Demonstrated interest in addressing transportation issue(s).

Submission of a personal statement of at least 500 words highlighting candidate’s interest in transportation/related field, relevant experiences and interests, and how this award will contribute to the candidate’s ability to make a meaningful contribution in the transportation industry.

At least 500 words highlighting your interest in transportation, etc. as noted above.


Transcript of most recent semester. GPA stated on application must be verifiable from transcript. Transcripts must include school name printed on it. Transcripts must be from school, but not in an official sealed envelope. If you complete the application early, be sure to return and upload your most recent transcript(s) by November 1. 


Complete applications must be received by NEPTA via website link no later than 5:00 pm Friday, November 1, 2019. Late applications and/or incomplete/missing supporting documents will not be considered for review. NEPTA may have additional requirements, such as personal interviews.

To be considered for the NorthEast Passenger Transportation Association (NEPTA) Scholarship Award, please fill in the information below as completely and accurately as possible.

Questions? Contact NEPTA 800-NEPTA01 (637-8201)

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Student Information

Currently enrolled in (or accepted for the fall 2019) an undergraduate or graduate degree program or trade vocational school, etc. in a transit related field such as transportation planning, civil/mechanical engineering, business administration, management or labor relations, public administration, accounting/finance, public administration, negotiations, logistics with a focus on public policy, or a technical trade including diesel engine and related majors. These fields are not limited, candidate must demonstrate how their degree major relates to transit.

Applicant Category *

Academic Records

Are you currently in high school? *
Are you currently in college/university/vocational school? *

Fall 2019 Academic Information

Vocational or College/University? *
Degree Program Enrolled *


Please submit three (3) recommendation letters from non-relatives who support your application. At least one reference letter should be a personal recommendation with others being professional or academic. Reference letter must be signed and provide contact information. A NEPTA Scholarship Committee member may contact your references. 

Personal Statement/Essay

Transcript of most recent semester must included: GPA, Student's Name, Student's ID number, College/University Name


As the NEPTA Scholarship applicant, I hereby certify the information submitted with this application is correct and I have composed the essay to the best of my ability. To my knowledge the documents included and attached have not been falsified.
Applicant's Signature *

Sponsoring Agency/Organization - Reference Summary

All NEPTA scholarship applications must be endorsed with signatory credentials by a NEPTA member. 
If you do not know who the NEPTA representative is at your agency/organization, email NEPTA 

Sponsoring Agency/Organization

Be sure to download sponsor's reference summary. In order to be considered for a NEPTA Scholarship Award all applications must include a reference summary from the sponsoring agency/organization.

Official Rules and Terms

The NEPTA Scholarship Award Program is available to NEPTA member employees and their dependents who will be enrolled in an accredited institution (post high school) in the fall term of the application period. NEPTA members in good standing may sponsor their employees and/or the dependents of employees for this scholarship opportunity. Relatives of currently serving NEPTA officers and directors are excluded.  Sponsors are encouraged to attend the annual meeting to honor the recipient. Students are encouraged to apply each year.  Sponsors may sponsor more than one applicant.

Application Deadline: Applications must be received by November 1. Late applications will not be considered.  All applications become property of NEPTA and will not be returned.  By applying, applicants agree to provide other information and documentation as requested by the NEPTA Scholarship Committee. 

Announcing the Award Recipient(s): Recipients will be notified in writing and via email no later than Friday, November 8 and will be invited with a guest to attend the NEPTA annual meeting December 5 at The Graduate Hotel (formerly Providence Biltmore Hotel), Providence, Rhode Island. Only students receiving an award will be notified. 

Recipient attendee and their sponsor are invited to address the annual meeting audience and talk briefly about the academic and/or professional/personal achievements that relate to the recipient’s continuing education choice. 

Scholarship Restrictions:  Scholarships are to be used to cover institution costs and direct educational expenses associated with courses during the scholarship award year. The scholarship funds may be used for any term, including the summer term, during the awarded academic school year. Recipients must be enrolled in an accredited institution in the fall term of the award period. Scholarship checks will be sent directly to the institution listed on the application. Student ID must be provided and will be submitted with payment. If the student decides not to attend or drops out, they must contact NEPTA via email ( and the school must refund NEPTA any unused portion of the scholarship fund. 

Academic Year Fall 2019 - Summer 2020 

Scholarship Award amount may range from $500 - $2500. The NEPTA scholarship committee may select more than one recipient. Members of the Scholarship Committee may conduct interviews.

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