Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative (TWEC) offers prepay billing as an optional avenue for residential members to pay for electric service. The prepay billing program is available to all residential members who elect to enroll and have a single-phase meter capable of remote disconnect/reconnect.

Eligible Accounts:
Rate A: General Rate

Non-Eligible Accounts:
Time-of-Use Rates
Net Metering/Co-Generation
Any Rate Billed on Demand (KW)
Automatic Bill Pay through TWEC Budget Billing
Medical Priority

As a member requesting participation in the prepay program, I understand and agree to the following:
1.  When my account is converted to the prepay program, the total amount owed through the current meter reading will be calculated in accordance with my account’s present rate schedule. This will provide a starting balance and determine the amount I need to pay to meet the required credit balance of $100. If a deposit exists on my account, it will be applied in full to any outstanding balance at the time of converting to the prepay program. Any credit remaining will be applied to my prepay balance and a refund will not be issued while I’m enrolled in the prepay program.

2.  A meter reading is taken daily and the account balance will be calculated daily, per the assigned rate. The daily prepay balance is determined by subtracting charges for usage, the basic service charge, taxes, and other applicable charges and then adding any payments received. Although uncommon, if the Cooperative cannot get a reading from the meter, the usage will be estimated based on historical usage data. The system will “true-up” the charges when a valid reading is received.

3.  I understand that my account will be trued-up monthly, accounting for any applicable power cost adjustments (PCA’s) or usage estimates that may have occurred, and I will not receive a monthly billing statement.

4.  I am not eligible for budget billing or automatic bank drafts through TWEC while participating in the prepay program.

5.  Households with residents requiring medical necessary equipment cannot participate in prepay billing. By signing this agreement, it is understood and affirmed that there are no residents, served by the enrolled account, who have a medical condition requiring medical necessary equipment that will be impacted by the loss of electric service. If those circumstances change, it is important and the responsibility of the member to immediately contact TWEC and the account will be removed from Prepay. A deposit may be required.

6.  I understand that I must enroll in SmartHub account and opt in for text and email notifications to participate in prepay.

7.  I understand that it is my responsibility to monitor the balance on my prepaid account and maintain a credit balance to continue service. Account balance may be checked online through SmartHub at www.toddwadena.coop or through the secure, automated pay-by-phone system. Email and/or text notifications can be setup through SmartHub, so timely notifications can be sent regarding the balance and status of the account. Balance notification will be sent daily once the account goes below a minimum credit balance of $20.00.

8.  A minimum payment of $15.00 for credit card and $5.00 for cash/check is required per transaction and can be made in the office, by mail, through the secure, automated pay-by-phone system and online through SmartHub.

9.  If service is terminated due to depleted funds on my prepaid account, a signal will be sent to the electric meter for reconnection as soon as the outstanding balance is paid and there is a credit of at least $50 on my account.

10.  Participating in prepay requires I have available funds on my account at all times. My electric service will be subject to immediate disconnection any time my account does not have a credit balance.

11.  Payment arrangements are accepted by the Cooperative if proper communication to the Cooperative is made. 50% of any payment arrangement will be applied to past due amounts and 50% will be applied to the prepay account.

12.  Energy assistance payments are accepted as a form of payment for prepay participants and will be applied when the payment has been received by TWEC. Assistance pledges/guarantees will also be accepted to keep the service active when TWEC is informed by an energy assistance agency. It is the responsibility of the applicant to inform TWEC if they are working with an energy assistance agency, so that the account can be updated accordingly. This is in accordance with MN Commerce Department.

13.  I understand that TWEC will abide by the Cold Weather Rule (October 15 – April 15) that as long as I work with TWEC to create a payment plan and keep the proposed payment plan until balance is paid, I will not be disconnected.

14.  If my payment is rejected for nonsufficient funds (NSF), the amount of my returned payment and any nonsufficient fund fees will be charged to my account immediately. If this causes funds to be depleted on my account, my electric service will be subject to immediate disconnect. TWEC has the right to refuse payment by check once my account has had two NSF payments within a twelve-month period.

15.  If service is terminated at my request, my account will be settled and a final bill will be sent to me or I will receive a refund on any remaining credit on the account. Prepaying in no way releases my responsibility for paying the final balance due.

16.  If my account was disconnected for nonpayment and remains disconnected, a final bill will be mailed and payment is expected by the statement’s due date. Prepaying in no way releases my responsibility for paying the final balance due.

17.  At any time, I may elect to convert my account to standard billing, however, TWEC will require full payment and may require a deposit as a condition of continued electric service. I will not be allowed to return to the program for at least twelve months after converting back to standard billing.

18.  TWEC reserves the right to remove me from the prepay program, or to modify or end the program at any time.

19.  TWEC shall be held harmless from any damages due to loss of electric service, or during reconnection of electric service, as a result of participating in the prepay program.

I understand these terms and conditions and I understand the difference between standard monthly billing and the optional prepay program. I am requesting to establish a prepaid electric account with TWEC.

I give Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative permission to contact me by phone, text and/or email for prepay program notices. I also understand that it is my responsibility to setup and maintain my contact information (email address, phone number, etc.) to receive timely notifications from Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative and that I am responsible for any charges that I may incur from my phone carrier. Notify Me by: *
Member Signature *
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