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We offer a fun and unique direct sales Party Plan business. At Vantel Pearls, you and your guests discover genuine pearls in real oysters! They may be white, cream, pink or even rare black pearls! You and your guests choose from a wide array of jewelry and gifts to have their pearls mounted onto. Then at the home office, we drill and mount the pearls onto the pieces you've chosen and send them back out!
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Hostess Free Jewelry
Choose 1, 2, or 3 Half Price Items, depending on your level of Hostess Rewards.
A.) Love Story Necklace N1712 $82 *
B.) Angel By My Side Necklace N1723 $84 *
E.) Heart And Soul Necklace N1720V $79 *
B.) Pearl Petal Necklace N7005 $85 *
C.) Fortune Teller Ring R1866 $79 *
D.) Twice as Sweet Earrings E9881 $99 *
A.) Your Story Charm Bracelet B3805 $69 *
B.) Love Me Two Times Charm C1160 $65 *
C.) Sand Dollar Charm C5250 $55 *
D.) Cat's Meow Charm C7122 $55 *
E.) Cross Charm C1026 $55 *
F.) Paw Print Charm C9400 $55 *
G.) Key To My Heart Charm C8600 $55 *
H.) Oyster Charm C5150 $55 *
I.) Clam Charm C7015 $55 *
J.) Love You Mom Charm C2017 $55 *
K.) Dolphin Play Necklace N0317 $89 *
K.) Sea Pony Necklace N0417 $89 *
M.) Mermaid Necklace N1600 $89 *
M.) Anchors Away Keychain K7125 $39 *
O.) Dancing Dolphin Ring R7020 $69 *
P.) Mermaid's Tail Ring R2019 $69 *
Q.) Dog Tag Key Ring K2014 $29 *
A.) Earth And Sky Bracelet B2969 $42 *
B.) White Button Pearl Studs E-4008 $69 *
B-2.) BONUS BUY White Button Pearl Studs E-4008 $25
*when you purchase any one item at $75 or more
D.) Desert Sunset Necklace N-7152 $108 *
E.) Double The Love Ring R1210 $99 *
F.) Perfect Day Lariat N-7703 $148 *
G.) Star Gazing Necklace N7110 $89 *
I.) Treasure Key Necklace (Gold) N7016 $89 *
J.) Opposites Attract Necklace N1050 $89 *
K.) First Light Earrings E-2883 $48 *
L.) Time to Soar Necklace N1165 $89 *
B.) Aurora Necklace N1711 $79 *
C.) Cupid's Arrow Necklace N1707 $79 *
E.) Close to Shore Necklace N1702 $79 *
F.) Galaxy Necklace N1711 $79 *
G.) Love Necklace N7404 $69 *
H.) Dream Necklace N7299 $69 *
I.) Believe Necklace N7300 $69 *
J.) Under the Sea Necklace N1712 $69 *
A.) Love Charm Bangle Bracelet B1319 $55 *
B.) Dream Charm Bangle Bracelet B1310 $55 *
C.) Hope Charm Bangle Bracelet B1303 $55 *
D.) Believe Charm Bangle Bracelet B1317 $55 *
E.) Faith Charm Bangle Bracelet B1325 $55 *
F.) Mom Charm Bangle Bracelet B1326 $55 *
G.) Anchor Charm Bangle Bracelet B1320 $55 *
H.) Sailboat Charm Bangle Bracelet B1328 $55 *
I.) Mermaid Charm Bangle Bracelet B1327 $55 *
J.) Heart Charm Bangle Bracelet B1315 $55 *
K.) Moon Charm Bangle Bracelet B1321 $55 *
L.) Ribbon Of Hope Pink Bangle Bracelet B1306 $55 *
M.) Ribbon Of Hope Silver Bangle Bracelet B1305 $55 *
N.) Ribbon Of Hope Purple Bangle Bracelet B1307 $55 *
M.) Pixie Dust Necklace N7009 $49 *
N.) Bless Me Necklace N4856 $69 *
O.) Crown Jewel Necklace N2153 $49 *
P.) Tiny Treasures Earrings
As Pictured
Q.) Sweet Kisses Necklace N7012 $59 *
S.) Mother's Love Necklace N6130 $79 *
T.) Wise Guy Necklace N7002 $69 *
U.) Companion Ring R390 $99
*max 7.5 mm pearls
V.) Ribbon of Hope Ring R0218 $82 *
A.) Mystic Skies Earrings E-2881 $48 *
B.) Peacock Black Button Stud Earrings E-4009 $79 *
C.) Sparkles in the Sand Necklace N-7069 $158 *
D.) Paris Nights Lariat N-1515 $138 *
E.) Arabian Nights Lariat N-0712 $108 *
F.) Standing Ovation Necklace N-7012 $168 *
G.) Moonlight Bracelet B-1002 $78 *
H.) Simply Divine Strand N-0036 $122 *
I.) Seduction Strand N-0050 $146 *
J.) Center My Universe Earrings E3384 $99 *
K.) Showstopper Ring R7008 $119 *
L.) Encore Necklace N7008 $110 *
M.) Showstopper Earrings E7008 $105 *
N.) Driving Miss Daisy Necklace N7019 $99 *
O.) Driving Miss Daisy Ring R7019 $82 *
R.) Fifth Avenue Ring R3391 $119 *
S.) Sweet Duet Ring R9924 $109 *
T.) Skydancer Ring R1772 $82 *
U.) Made You Look Ring R0585 $95 *
A.) Twister Necklace N1101 $59 *
B.) Tulip Pearl Necklace N7574 $59 *
C.) Diamond Girl Necklace N7021 $62 *
D.) Whirlwind Ring R1946 $95 *
E.) Rendezvous Earring Enhancer E-7106 $28 *
F.) Heirloom Earring Enhancer E-7105 $28 *
G.) Ivy Earring Enhancer E-7107 $28 *
H.) White Button Pearl Studs E-4008 $69 *
H-2.) BONUS BUY White Button Pearl Studs E-4008 $25
*when you purchase any one item at $75 or more
I.) Pink Button Pearl Studs E-4010 $69 *
J.) Treasure Key Necklace N7016 $89 *
L.) Simply Perfect Earrings E1140 $69 *
A.) Green Apple Bracelet B2971 $45 *
B.) Sherbet Bracelet B2975 $45 *
C.) Rose Parade Bracelet B2967 $42 *
D.) Ruby Bracelet B2972 $45 *
E.) Desert Sunset Bracelet B2974 $45 *
F.) Swirl Of Pearls Bracelet B2960 $42 *
G.) Seaside Bracelet B2966 $42 *
H.) Breezy Bracelet B2962 $42 *
I.) Chic To Chic Bracelet B2961 $42 *
J.) Shades Of Gray Bracelet B2965 $42 *
K.) Wisteria Bracelet B2978 $45 *
L.) Mardi Gras Bracelet B2976 $45 *
M.) Earth And Sky Bracelet B2969 $42 *
N.) Watercolor Bracelet B2977 $45 *
A.) Casablanca Earrings E7139 $99 *
B.) Fusion Earrings E1180 $89 *
C.) Nature's Love Earrings E3876 $79 *
D.) Timeless Earrings E7028 $79 *
E.) Bohemian Chic Earrings E5156 $89 *
F.) Morning Glory Necklace N7101 $89
G.) Three of Hearts Necklace N1213 $105 *
H.) Always and Forever Necklace N7111 $79 *
I.) Trendsetter Necklace N7102 $89 *
J.) Free Spirit Necklace N-1728 $138 *
K.) Moonlight Dancer Bracelet B-1038 $42 *
L.) Off the Cuff Earrings E1743 $110 *
M.) Knotty Necklace N-1648 $128
N.) Nature's Jewel Necklace N-7164 $138
O.) Guiding Light Cage Necklace N7701 $59
P.) Full Heart Cage Necklace N0017 $59 *
Q.) Slow and Steady Cage Necklace N0617 $59 *
R.) Hoo Loves You Cage Necklace N7023 $59 *
S.) Pearl Stud Earrings
Gift Certificates
T.) 20" Rope Chain C-2020 $18 *
U.) 18" Rope Chain C-1800 $15
V.) 18" Box Chain C-1850 $15
W.) 3" Extender C-05 $13
X.) Mom Forever Pearl Discovery Kit N-5293 $49 *
Y.) Heart Pearl Discovery Kit N-2280 $49 *
Z.) Jewelry Cleaning Cloth C-60 $6 *
It is our goal to make every customer feel good about their purchase. To highlight your Pearl's natural beauty, our artisans design unique pieces while adhering to the highest standards of quality. Vantel Pearls jewelry GUARANTEED against damage due to defects in materials or crafting (excluding normal wear and tear).

Within 90 Days of Purchase Date:
Vantel Pearls will re-set or replace a lost Pearl, re-set or replace lost gemstones, or an item may be returned for replacement (same item) due to manufacture's defect (excluding normal wear and tear) with a copy if your invoice. Please contact your Vantel Pearls Demonstrator for assistance.

Items in new condition may be returned for exchange within 90 days of the purchase date with a copy of the invoice. Please contact your Vantel Pearls Demonstrator for assistance.

After 90 Days of Purchase Date:
Vantel Pearls offers jewelry repairs for Vantel Pearls jewelry. Fees are based on type of service requested. For jewelry service questions, please contact your Vantel Pearls Demonstrator for assistance.
Taking Care of Your Pearls
Your Vantel Pearls are produced by nature and their luster, beauty and value will be enjoyed for years to come with these simple steps:

-Your Pearl Jewelry should be put on after makeup, perfume or hairspray are used. The chemicals can harm your jewelry.
-Pearl jewelry should not be submerged in water or cleaning chemicals.
-Clean your Pearls with an untreated soft cloth after wearing.
-Perspiration as well as body oils can harm the jewelry.
-For Sterling Silver, use a Vantel Pearls treated jewelry cloth on the metal only. Be sure to not apply chemicals to your Pearls.

1.) Pearl color is NOT guaranteed unless you would like to choose white (no oyster opening).
2.) Items take approximately 8-10 weeks to arrive.
3.) Tax is applicable to the state that the consultant is in, not to your tax rate.
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