Please read before taking assessment

Thank you for the interest in purchasing ProLon®.

ProLon should not be consumed by everyone as there is exclusion criteria. Also, ProLon requires guidance from a health care practitioner such as a dietitian or nurse practitioner for healthy individuals or a physician for individuals at risk for side effects or presenting certain diseases.

Please answer the questions in the self-assessment to help determine if ProLon is appropriate for you and whether you can purchase it here or you need to have a physician consultation. If after answering the questions further clarification is required, you will be asked to consult with a physician before purchasing ProLon. On occasion, an individual may have a rare or undiagnosed disease.  If there is any doubt on your part, we would recommend that you consult with a health care provider before using ProLon.

Self-Assessment will help determine if you have any issues requiring health care provider authorization prior to ordering ProLon.

Your responses to the self-assessment questions will be kept private and secure.

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