PARADIGM Training Intro

Welcome to PARADIGM Training we are here to assist you in finding the right trainer for you at our facility. First, a little bit about how our training works. All of our Personal Trainers and Small Group Trainers are all Independent Contractors who have spent many years perfecting their craft and building an independent training business to help serve our clients at PARADIGM. They all have at least 3+ years of training experience from sports training to weight loss, building muscle and injury rehab, they are some of the best Dallas has to offer. All PARADIGM Contract Trainers have their own pricing, terms, conditions and scheduling. Their pricing for 1-on-1 training can range between $95-125 per hour and some do half hour sessions which run $50-70 per half hour session. 2-on-1 training can range between $155-195 per hour. When it comes to Small Group Training and Semi-private Training sessions, those can range between $35-55 per session. Most pricing depends on package offers, frequency and commitment and we are here to make sure you set up with one of our amazing trainers who we determine best fits your wants, goals and needs through a set of questions we have for you below.  

PARADIGM Training Client Questionnaire

What type of training are you looking for? (1-on-1 Training, 2-on-1 Training, Semi-private Training or Small Group Training) *
What is your current fitness level? *
What is your main reason for seeking a personal trainer? (choose all that apply) *
What are your fitness goals? (select all that apply) *
How often do you currently exercise per week? *
What type of exercises do you enjoy? *
How would you rate your current stress level? *
What is your preferred method of communication for updates and progress tracking? *

All training clients are required to have a membership in order to train with one of our Contract Training partners at PARADIGM. We have attached a membership pricing menu for you to look over and select which membership you would be interested in. We want to thank you for considering PARADIGM as your partner in health and fitness. We are thrilled at the opportunity to help you achieve your fitness goals. I look forward to receiving your response and getting started on crafting your unique fitness experience!

Which PARADIGM membership are you interested in?
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