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Responsible Financial Party

We require a credit card to be placed on file.  Cards are securely filed and will be used only for payment of co-pays, co-insurance, payments for service and no-show fees.  Credit card information must be entered even if you are not the responsible party.
TRICARE Prime and Active Duty Service Member will not be charged a co-pay but must still put card information for any no-show fees. 
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By checking the box below, you agree that we may charge the card provided for the amount owed the day after it is reflected on the account. *

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Acknowledgement and Signature

By signing this form, you agree that you are willing to be seen by a provider at the Family Care Center and will become a client of this clinic upon submission of this form. Clients are responsible for all payments at time of service. Clients who do not show up for follow-up appointments are subject to a $50 or $100 no-show fee which must be paid prior to any further appointments being made. Two or more no-shows for an initial appointment can result in you not being accepted as a client. *
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