Measure U Grantee:
COVID Adaptation Report
Congratulations on being awarded a TOML Meaure U Grant! As we all know, the world has changed over the last several months due to the Cornona Virus pandemic, and the programs you bring to Mammoth Lakes have not been spared. The Town of Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Lakes Recreation are here to support your efforts and work with you to successfully adapt in this new environment. We understand deliverables, budgets, timelines and perhaps programs as a whole will be different moving forward than what was presented in your application.
For FY 2020/21, this form will be need to be submitted on a quarterly basis with the best, current information you have. Please use it to report on any alterations and adaptations you will be making to your program(s) as a result of Federal, State and Local health orders.

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Please list seperatley and in detail the specific deliverables and timeframe for each that you plan on achieving. Use the green "+" sign on the right to add each deliverable. NOTE: These will most likely be altered from the original application deliverables. MLR will review these with you for appropriateness, achievability and timelines. * 🛈

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