Field Trip/Transportation Request

Requests must be submitted with completed Transportation Information at least 10 business days prior to trip
Is this request for an overnight trip? *Please make request 30 days in advance for Superintendent approval* *
Source of Funds: *
Is this request for an athletic event? *
Please affirm the following: *A signed permission slip from pupils' parent/guardian giving approval to participate will be secured from each pupil. *I have discussed with you (the principal) the nature and extent of this trip prior to making any firm committments concerning tickets, transportation, or chaperones. *I will furnish the secretary on THE DAY BEFORE THE TRIP, AT THE LATEST, the names of the students who will be making the trip. I will also give the secretary a list of the students who do not plan to make the trip. *

Transportation Form

All field trips using PCBOE drivers must return by 2:15 PM Eastern unless approved by the transportation supervisor.
Notes for Sponsors
Sponsors are responsible for making arrangements for hotel accommodations and meals for any driver(s) on overnight trips.  Sponsors must supervise and be responsible for discipline on the bus.  Positively no eating or drinking on the bus without prior approval.  Sponsors must notify the transportation department within 24 hours of trip cancelation (unless due to inclement weather), otherwise, you will be charged one (1) hour for driver and mileage cost to your location.  Sponsors are required to bring a list of students/sponsors on the trip and leave a copy with the school.
Cost of Trip = $30.00 per hour/driver and $1.85 per mile or per state-mandated cost.
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Will you be using Volunteer Drivers? *
Will you be using Charter Buses? *
PCBOE Bus Information
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