Hello Scholars! We are so excited for next year! This year's registration process looks a little different - Step One is our Formsite School Forms (this one!) and Step Two is the PowerSchool Enrollment Forms.  At the conclusion of this form, you will be provided a link with more information to take you to Step Two!
This form should only be completed by the parent/guardian that is legally responsible for the student being enrolled with Phenix City Schools. Failure to provide appropriate information and documentation may cause an enrollment denial or delay. For questions regarding this process of enrollment or necessary documentation, contact the Meadowlane Elementary School office at 334-298-2568.

Document Uploads

MES Corporal Punishment Agreement Form

At MES, we use many forms of discipline, all of which are appropriate and lawful.  However, there are sometimes instances of serious, continual, and/or very disruptive misbehavior that require serious consequences.  Alabama state law and Phenix City Board of Education policy authorizes educators to administer corporal punishment (paddling) as a possible consequence in these cases.
The Phenix City Schools Code of Conduct states that 'if corporal punishment is required, it shall be administered with extreme care, tact and caution, and then only by the principal or her designee in the presence of another professional school employee.  At no time shall corporal punishment be administered in the presence of another student.  The student will be given the reason for the punishment prior to its administration.  In cases where a student protests innocence or ignorance, he/she will be given the opportunity to explain that side of the situation.
Because of the ages and maturity levels of students at Meadowlane Elementary, it is the policy of the school administration to allow parents to waive the use of corporal punishment with their children, with the understanding that other consequences, including but not limited to suspension, detention, or class exclusion, will be employed at the discretion of the principal or designee.  
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MES First Week Transportation Information

MES Emergency Release Form

In the event of an emergency, or if school officials deem it necessary, your child will be taken by ambulance at the parent's expense to the nearest emergency facility, where the attending physician (or dentist) on duty may perform emergency treatment on your child.

MES Dismissal Procedures Agreement

Bus riders begin dismissal at 3:00 p.m. and are dismissed from the classroom according to the order in which the buses enter the bus line.
Car riders are dismissed from their classroom according to grade level at 3:00 p.m.  Cars must have a car rider sign in the windshield.  MES Car Rider signs will be given to all parents.
The following information should be written on all signs:
     *Student Name(s)
All car riders should be picked up at 3:20 p.m.
Transportation changes must be communicated in writing or in person.  NO PHONE CALLS TO THE OFFICE WILL BE ACCEPTED TO CHANGE YOUR STUDENT'S NORMAL TRANSPORTATION METHOD.  This is to protect our students and staff members from incidents of error or confusion.  
By agreeing to this policy, you are acknowledging the fact that you are responsible for picking your student up on time or pay the fees.

MES Parent Engagement Plan

Please review Meadowlane's Parental Engagement Plan.  Clicking the link will take you to another page to review the compact. Please return to this form to complete after reading.

Title 1 School Compact

Please review this Title 1 Parent Compact. Clicking the link will take you to another page to review the compact. Please return to this form to complete after reading.
Your electronic signature at the conclusion of this form serves as your verification that all answers and provided documents within this form are valid and accurate. It also serves as your agreement to adhere to the Title I compact and enter into a partnership role with the school for your student's education.  You will receive an electronic copy of your submitted form and compact to the email provided for your records as well.
Please note, your form is not submitted until you get a confirmation page.
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