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By Signing below I am submitting my child. that I am legally in charge, to the rules and guidelines of Greenbrier Christian Retreat. I am also in agreement and will abide by the contract stated below. I understand at the time of signing I am not under the influence of any drug or alcohol and am in complete understanding of the agreement that I am signing. *

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As a Camper Attendee I understand that I will abide by the rules and guidelines of Greenbrier Christian Retreat. I will submit the authority of the camp Directors, Councilors, and Leaders of Greenbrier Christian Retreat. I understand that Greenbrier leadership can at any time ask me to leave due to improper conduct. At that time parents or guardians will be called to pick me up in the event that I am involved with improper conduct. I also understand as an Camper (Attendee) that I will not bring any alcoholic beverages, Weapons of any nature, Electronic devices, or printed material not in line with the guidelines or rules of Greenbrier Christian Retreat. *