2021 Public Art New Work Fund Application and Guidelines

DEADLINE: In 2021, applications will be considered on a rolling basis, as long as funds remain, with the first review scheduled for the April 13, 2021 Public Art Subcommittee Meeting. If you would like your application considered at that meeting, it must be submitted no later than midnight, March 30, 2021. Thereafter, applications will be considered in the order received. All applications must be submitted electronically through this form.


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The City of Milwaukee Arts Board Public Art Subcommittee seeks strategic partnerships with organizations, neighborhoods and artists to commission public art in the City of Milwaukee. Although the Arts Board’s public art resources are limited, the subcommittee can use its technical expertise to assist in the preparation of RFQs and selection processes, and can work with partners to select artists and leverage resources.

About us

The Milwaukee Arts Board was established in 1990. Its members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council. Funding is provided through the Department of City Development and the Council with additional support from the Wisconsin Arts Board. MAB meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month and all meetings are open to the public.


Proposed works must be located in the City of Milwaukee and must be fully accessible to the public.

The maximum grant amount is $5,000. In no case will the Milwaukee Arts Board provide more than 50% of the funds for a project, and in all cases our funding will only be released as matching funds are secured. Although other city funds may be used for the project, it is expected that the funds used to match this award come from outside sources. We are willing to consider large projects for which we would be a smaller, catalytic funder, as well as smaller projects in which we would be an equal partner.

In 2021, the subcommittee has approximately $15,000 to disburse.


We understand that applicants may be at a very early stage in their commissioning process, and may not have many details yet. We encourage applicants to contact the Public Art Subcommittee prior to applying to discuss their projects. If you have questions about your project, the application, or the process, contact Polly Morris, chair of the Public Art Subcommittee, at artsboard@milwaukee.gov.
Grantees will be expected to appear before the Milwaukee Arts Board to make a final report on their projects. A written report including photos and a full financial accounting will be required.

When applying, please provide all information that is available at the time of application. Applicants may be asked to submit additional materials and to attend subsequent PASC meetings to present updates.

Organization Eligibility

Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible to apply. Groups without tax-exempt status must use a fiscal receiver (a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that agrees to receive and account for the funds) for their project. Applicant organizations must have a physical administrative office located in the City of Milwaukee (organizational addresses with Post Office boxes will not be accepted as evidence of City of Milwaukee residency) that has as its sole mission the presentation and/or production of art or arts programming.

A successful applicant to the New Work Fund needs to wait a full calendar year after the conclusion of their project to apply again to the New Work Fund.

In any calendar year an arts organization can only apply to the New Work Fund or to the Project/Sustaining Grants Program.


General Information

Organization Address:
Organization mailing address (if different from above):

Project Description

Project Budget

Expense Details
When completing, please be as specific as possible. *
 CostItemized description
1. Personnel (staff salaries, wages, and benefits)
2. Outside fees/services (fees for artists, consultants, fabricators and any other production workers/organizations, etc.)
3. Materials
4. Transportation (if work or part of work needs to be moved from production space to installation site)
5. Insurance & permits
6. Other costs (including ongoing maintenance/archiving if applicable)
In-Kind Support *
 Itemized/DescriptionValue of In-Kind Support
8. Expenses covered by in-kind contributions
Income Details *
 Itemized/DescriptionTotal confirmed supportTotal unconfirmed support
9. Corporate Support
10. Foundation Support
11. Private Support
12. Federal Support
13. State Support
14. Local Government Support (excluding MAB funding)
15. Other Funding
In-Kind Support *
 Itemized/DescriptionValue of In-Kind Support
19. Costs covered by in-kind support

Supplemental Materials

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