3D Vision Basketball
3V3 Tournament
Saturday, March 4, 2023
at 3D Headquarters
1st - 8th grade
Entry Form
I agree to the terms & condition: I/we understand the participation in 3-D Vision Basketball Academy involves the risk of injury. I further understand that before participating in this program I should consult a physician for medical advice. 3-D Vision Basketball will not be held liable or responsible for illnesses, death, or accidents to my child while engaged in any activity with the academy. I/we agree to follow all rules and procedures of the program and to follow reasonable instructions of the coaches and supervisors. During the duration with the organization, participant may be photographed and used for marketing. Session dues and uniforms are non-refundable. Payments may be used as credit. I/we have read and completed the application for registration; understanding the rules of the 3-D Vision Basketball Academy and request my son/daughter be admitted into membership. *
All games will be held at 3D Headquarters
Tournament schedules will be emailed.