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Africa Matters provides change-makers who are part of our ShE is Empowered (ShE) and Africa Matters Ambassadors Program (AMAP) programs a one-year, non-residential, online development program focused on leadership, soft skills development, social entrepreneurship, advocacy, and mentorship. At the end of the program, participants emerge with a strong network of young leaders, mentors, a certificate of participation, newly acquired skills and the support of the AMI team to run social impact projects in their communities.

Africa Matters Mentorship Program is aimed at providing ShE Leaders and AMAP Ambassadors an opportunity to engage with experienced and accomplished professionals to assist in their personal and professional development as leaders. We facilitate the creation of successful relationships between Mentors and Leaders and/or Ambassadors outside of the AMI community. Africa Matters seeks mentors to provide guidance and support to our Leaders and Ambassadors to manage their own learning in order to maximize their full potential, develop their skills, and improve their performance throughout their program.

As we continue to upskill and empower youth to better their communities, we believe mentors are key to the developmental growth of our youth today. Mentors are the stepping stone to providing young leaders with the right skills, tools, support, and platforms to engage in this competitive world.

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