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Plan an event

Complete this form to process event requests.  This will include questions pertaining to preferred campus facility, graphic design services, social media coverage, use of Tiger Dollars and/or petty cash, and more.  Reminder:  Request must be received before the 15th of the month. For example, if your event is in November 2017, you need to submit your request by October 15, 2017.

Have a meeting and need to reserve a campus room?

Make a reservation to hold a practice or meeting. Note: Smart classroom technology is locked and not available for use outside of class hours. Additional request to access would be required and not guaranteed.

Request financial assistance or a reimbursement for an expense

Enter your club/organization expense for reimbursement, or request money if your club has insufficient funds.

Request graphic design help for your promotional materials

Approval will be based upon the details of the request, the desired turn-around time, and the number of projects being handled prior to receiving your request. Please allow 2-4 weeks prior to the finished due date. Graphic Design requests are discussed in advance by the ASC executive officers.

Sell shirts or other merchandise

Get assistance from the ASC graphic design team to design, order, and sell merchandise for your club/organization.

Promote an Educational Awareness Initiative

Bring awareness to an issue or cause.

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