Pack Pride Dog Application

Thank you for choosing adoption! Please complete the following questions to help guide our decision      

All applicants must be 21 years old to fill out and finalize adoption no exceptions!

                    Please be advised that completing an application does not guarantee adoption

                                                           We have the right to refuse any adoption

                  If your application was approved  then we will conduct a phone interview

                             Our fee has to make up for : pull fees charged to rescues by shelters and animal control facilities, spay/neuter costs, all shots ), distemper/parvo, rabies, dental treatment, fecal and heartworm, heartworm and flea prevention,grooming, food,sickness and injuries , Office supplies website animal shelter software, transportation any other costs which may be incurred.

We are still a buisness we pay for everything  we do not get grants or any help from government facilties.

Our fee is not based on 1 dogs medical or 10 dogs it what we need to charge to keep running. 

All dogs come with paperwork all dogs and are uptd on shots DHPP RABIES Spay or Neuterd

Dewormed Flea treatments and HW test if old enough.

                Please continue if you are ready to move forward to adopt.




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Tell us about your yard and how will you exercise the dog *
Fence is *
We do not adopt to homes with unaltered dogs.
Are your current dogs spayed or neutered ? *
Do you plan on crating your new dog *
What methods of training do you or would you use (check all that apply). If you're new to dog ownership, what sounds like the best option to you? * *
Do you have other animals in the home? Please check all that apply *
*Are you planning to enroll the dog in obedience/training class *
*Where will the dog sleep? *
Tell us about you extracurricular activities that the dog will be a part of Check all that apply *
Do you foster or volunteer for a rescue or Humane Society? *
In adopting one of our dogs are you aware of check all that apply *
By signing your name you understand all you have agreed in the application *
Thank you for filling our application a volunteer will review your app. and be in touch soon.
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