Field Caregiver On Call Contract - Atlanta

Prosper Home Care compensates Field Employees for agreeing to be on call. On call employees will cover
any shifts that become open during the times and days agreed upon and confirmed with the Care Coordinator.

Listed below is the compensation plan, rules and policies pertaining to being on call. By signing below, the
employee agrees to the compensation and acknowledges that they will follow and abide by all of the rules and
regulations listed.
Rules and Policies

1. By agreeing to be on call, employee agrees to cover any shift during the hours listed above.
     a. Refusing to cover any shift will negate the on call compensation and future on call shifts will not
         be offered.
     b. Shifts could be some distance and therefore, all on call employees must have vehicles.
     c. Shifts could range from 1 hour to 24 hours.
     d. When called in to cover a shift, you will be paid your normal hourly rate for that shift.
     e. Timesheets for clients should be completed with the same rules and regulations of all clients.
     f. Employee agrees to discuss specific days and times with the Care Coordinator before on call is
     g. Employee agrees to clock in for On Call shifts through the Soneto Portal.

2. On call employees agree to:
     a. Have scrubs, vitals equipment, timesheets and gloves readily available for the duration of the on
         call shift. Cell phones should be on and fully charged with GPS capability.
     b. Answer the phone when called or respond within 10 minutes of the call or text. Failure to do so
         will negate the on call compensation and future on call shifts will not be offered.
     c. Be ready to depart for the client’s home within 10 minutes of receiving the call.
     d. Notify the Care Coordinator immediately if the on call commitment cannot be fulfilled due to
         unexpected personal issues.
     e. Complete an on call timesheet for each on call day.

3. Mileage
     a. Mileage is paid when the shift is more than 60 miles round trip from the employee’s home.
     b. Mileage should be notated on the on call timesheet.
     c. Mileage is reimbursed at $0.55 per mile for each mile over the 60 miles.
Which type of On Call Shift are you willing to work? Please note: You must communicate with the Care Coordinators about specific days you are willing to be on call. If those days need coverage, then the Care Coordinators can schedule you. *
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