Cash Advance Request

Use this form to request a cash advance.  Approval is subject to management discretion, attendance history and previous advance history.  Not all requests will be approved.
Once this request has been received, you will be notified via email or phone whether it has been approved and when the advance will be ready.
Whenever possible, Prosper Home Care requires that advance funds be put on to a "Ready Funds" debit card provided by the office.  Please notate in the request if you already have a Ready Funds card distributed by Prosper Home Care.
For any advance request in the amount of $200 or less that is approved and distributed, Prosper Home care will deduct the entire advance on the next paycheck.  Advances that are $250 or higher, the employee may split the repayments.  Indicate your preference on this form.  Management has discretion over the approval of splitting repayments.
If your employment is terminated, volunatarily or involuntarily, before the advance is repaid, you understand that collection action will be taken to collect the remaining balance.  By signing this request, if you request is approved, this form acts as your acknowledgment of the payment terms and agreement to repay the advance as outlined.
By signing below, you acknowledge, understand and agree to the following:
1. This is a request for an advance on your paycheck. 
2. If this request is approved, you will be required to repay the advance in full. 
3. Whenever possible, all advance funds will be distributed by the Prosper Home Care Ready Funds card.       Otherwise, funds will be distributed via company check.
Please sign your name. *