Hello Parents! We are continually committed to developing future entrepreneurs, critical thinkers and innovators who are ready for a life-long journey of exponential growth, and, if you have made it this far, it is because you believe in that commitment too. 
Please complete this form for each student. Parents, guardians, or other persons should read all the provisions of this contract. A student is accepted for enrollment or re-enrollment when both family and Quadrat receives confirmation of the form's completion. Should you have any questions about filling out this form, please contact
If completing this enrollment form on your mobile device, please do not use auto-fill to populate your responses. 


My child will be continuing enrollment for the upcoming school year: *


Tution Fees:

There will be no tuition increases for current families including all scholarships or financial aid. Monthly payments will cover the cost of tuition, innovation labs, local field trips and necessary supplies. In the event where additional fees will be required for a field trip, parents will be notified in advance and given a choice to participate.

Tuition will be considered late if it is not paid by the fifth of every month. A $30 late fee will be applied if tuition is not paid by the 15th of the month.

Acceptance of re-enrollment constitutes an agreement to pay the academic year's account, comprised of both tuition and all related fees and expenses of the student. 

Whenever a tuition or fee account becomes past due for a period of 60 days from its due date then, unless Quadrat Academy shall obtain adequate security acceptable to the school for such account within that 60-day period, the student will be withheld from classes until the delinquency is cured.  


In the event a student must withdraw from Quadrat Academy, a 30 day written notice is required and tuition payments will stop after the 1st day of the following month from the notice day. No further payments would be incurred.


Successful completion of the current academic year of Quadrat Academy is required for re-enrollment of currently enrolled students. Evaluations and feedback will be provided throughout the academic year to parents and students to ensure successful completion.


Please sign below, thus indicating the re-enrollment information above is accurate.
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