'23/'24 Annual Concert
Concessions Order Form
1 order form per dancer.
Orders will be accepted March 1 - April 1 (June 1st for DVDs/Downloads). 
Early-bird sales: March 1st - March 10th.
*T-shirt & DVD/Downloads only
All orders include a 3% credit card convenience fee.
Absolutely NO refunds or exchanges. All orders are final.

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Annual Concert DVD/Digital Download

DVD Orders - Standard Pricing
Digital Download Orders - Standard Pricing

Annual Concert T-shirt

Available for pre-order ONLY. Will not be available for purchase after April 1st.
Early-bird pricing only available March 1st-10th - $25.00.
Standard pricing available March 11th-April 1st - $30.00.
Sizes are NOT exchangeable. No refunds.
**If you signed up to participate in the "My Guy & I" dance you do NOT need to purchase a t-shirt here.
Pre-Order Concert T-Shirt - Standard Pricing
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Flower Bouquets

Please click here -> https://www.thecommencementgroup.com/astepabovedanceacademy/ <- to purchase your concert flowers!

Collector’s Edition Concert Programs

Complimentary digital programs will be available via QR code on show day. Families who wish to purchase a special collector's edition program to this year's show may do so by pre-order ONLY until April 1st.
Programs will be available at a table for pick up in the lobby.
*A very limited quantity of programs will be available for sale on the day of the show. We highly recommend pre-ordering your program for families who want one.
Concert Programs
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I understand that my order is non-refundable and exchanges can not be made. I understand that all orders include a 3% credit card processing fee. *
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