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Cover Information

Skirt Length: Reffers to the flap that hangs down and protects
the side of you acrylic from sun damage (See Figure A)
Corner Type: There are 3 types of corners for a cover.  Rounded corners require a radius measurement (see figure B)  Flat Corners are called a cut corner ( See Figure C)  or a spa cover can he a plain old Square and require no measurement for the corner.
When choosing a color make sure to think about how much sun your cover will see.
Lighter colors last much longer in Arizona, over darker colors.  We recommend colors
like Almond or Dessert Tan for covers that see alot of Direct sunlight.

Credit Card Information

The Sales Price of $495 + 42.57 tax only applies to covers that are 96" or less in length & width that do not reqire any special cut outs or pockets for speakers, air controles or raised waterfalls. (Standard Constructions).  Covers that exceed 96" in length or width or require custom pockets will have additional charges. (Contact us to discuss pricing for special constructions)
By signing I Authorize Spa World to charge my card In the amount of $537.57. I agree to accept delivery of cover if built to the above specifications. Price is a pickup price at our store location and does not include delivery. I understand all charges are non-refundable *
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