League of Legends $10,000 Tournament


In order to be eligible for a tournament, you must first have a valid team. Someone representing the team must register online at Nexus Esports LOL Tournament page. They must designate a team captain that will be the contact person for the team. After a captain creates a team on the platform he will be given the ability to invite all the players he wants to invite to the team. The team captain is the only player entitled to enroll a team in a tournament. It is that person’s responsibility to make sure that every member of his team is:

• Tournament eligible
• In compliance with the age restriction
• Only on one team in the tournament 

Every player listed in a given team will be considered a member regardless of whether or not they have played in a game to date, therefore every player must be eligible at all times. If a player fails to comply with any of the above criteria, the whole team will suffer disqualification.

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