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I/We do not intend to renew my/our current lease. I/We agree to come to the office to hand in keys and turnover possession of the apartment on date our current lease ends. Resident(s) must be moved out no later than the end of the last day of the lease to avoid further penalties per your lease agreement. Furthermore, I/We give permission to the management to show the apartment in the coming days in order for it to be leased once I/We move out.

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1. How would you rate the attitude (friendliness, respectfulness) of office staff and how they treat you? *
2. How would you rate the promptness and quality of repairs by the maintenance team? *
3. How would you rate the cleanliness of your complex and the on-site janitors who have helped you during your stay? *
4. Would you be interested in transferring into a more updated apartment with Becovic Management Group? *
5. What is the reason for moving? *
6. If moving away from Becovic, what is something important to you in your next apartment? *
7. We love feedback -Overall, did you feel your stay at Becovic was a good one? If not, can you please share how we can make a difference? *
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