Certify your work

The Certification Process
Deborah Azzopardi's catalogue is certified on Tagsmart, the world's leading Certification, Registration and DNA Tagging service for valued works of art.
The system was established in 2016 and is now used by over 500 leading artists, with over 30,000 verified works.
You can apply for retrospective certification of the works you have purchased. This application will be processed by Deborah herself. If successful, your work will be added to the catalogue raisonne of the artist.
What's involved
On receipt of your application, the artist will review the information presented. If the application is successful, a DNA-secured Certificate (optionally personalised with your name at no extra cost) will be issued by Deborah and delivered to the address you specify. A free online account will also be created for you on the Tagsmart system that registers your ownership of the work.
Using the account, you can manage your Certificate (e.g. to replace it if gets lost or damaged) and to control visibility of the work and its provenance record of the work going forward. You can also use the service to transfer the ownership of the work to a third party should you ever choose to do so.
How much does it cost?
There is a charge of £40 plus VAT, payable on application. This covers the cost of the artist's time in addition to the issue and postage of the Certificate within the UK (an additional £3.50 is payable for international deliveries).
In some cases, for example where further information is required, the artist may request additional fees. In those cases you will be notified in advance of the additional costs before committing. If additional charges are requested and you decide not to proceed, your application fee will be refunded.
Please note: if the artist determines that your work cannot be added to the catalogue, 50% of your application fee will be refunded. As with all artwork verification services, you should think carefully about applying if you have good reason to doubt the provenance of the work.
Data security
All information collected is secured and encrypted. Tagsmart is a GDPR-compliant business and your personal data will never be used, without your consent, except for the purposes of processing your application, issuing your Certificate and opening your free account. You can read more about our privacy policy here.
To proceed with your application, click 'Next' below. You may exit the application process at any time simply by closing this tab on your browser.