Request for Artist Authority

You must be established as an authority to publish, tag or issue Certificates for an artist's work on the Tagsmart provenance system.
You can use this form to request your appointment as an Authority.
The position as Authority for an artist is significant and is subject to security controls. Before proceeding, please note that this application requires you to upload an image of your passport or other photo ID, plus an image or PDF of a utility bill (or part thereof) that confirms your address. If you do not have either of these, you will be able to complete the process but please be aware that your appointment then is not guaranteed and may be subject to further identity and security checks, for which a charge may be made.
If a charge is likely to apply in your case, you will be advised before we proceed with your application and you will have the option to cancel.
All information provided will be securely stored and is confidential. If you have any concerns about your data, don't hesitate to contact us at

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About you - verifying your identity

Your signature for Certificates issued in your name

All Tagsmart Certificates can be 'auto signed' by our system (not printed, but using automated signature hardware that writes the signature on the Certificate) and then dispatched directly to the collector.

Alternatively, Certificates can be posted to you for signature, and you then send them to the collector yourself.

If you wish to use our auto-sign service (over 90% of our artists do so), please upload an image of your signature here. By uploading it, you give us permission to use your signature only for the purpose of issuing Certificates for the works you verify.
IMPORTANT: If submitting a signature, please ensure it is in black ink on white paper. If using a felt-tip, please use a one with a fine point. This will help create a better signature on your Certificates.

Confirm your application

Authority status will require security and identity clearance. Please confirm that you wish to be considered as an authority for this artist.