The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is excited to announce a continued partnership with Microsoft EDU to provide 125,000 free student licenses for Minecraft Education Edition (M:EE). This version of the popular open world game, Minecraft, is specifically designed for education, containing features that make Minecraft more accessible and effective in a classroom or after-school program setting. The free licenses can be deployed in both Microsoft enabled districts, as well as Google classroom districts if devices meet the technical specifications.  Technical specifications can be found at:  
Additional information regarding the planning steps and deployment process for M:EE licenses can be found at or at
If you have questions regarding the applicaiton process please contact Amanda Stoel at 

Contact Information

Pilot evaluation data has indicated increased success of implementation when a M:EE Champion is identified in the ISD, District, or Building.  This person will:
*be the point of contact for MDE and Microsoft
*participate in the Michigan M:EE professional learning community
*advocate for students and educators use of M:EE
*support the implementation and use of M:EE in the district, building, classroom, etc. 

M:EE Licensing Information

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