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1. To the best of my knowledge I know of no reason why I should not participate in any of the classes and activities at Hip Hop Pop. I hereby declare myself free of any condition, disease, impairment, infirmity or illness that may affect my participation. I agree to inform a member of staff and where appropriate provide written consent from my doctor should such a condition arise, before continuing with any activity​. I have noted any medical condition on this form and agree to update that information should it change. Hip Hop Pop accepts no liability for my death, injury or illness resulting from my failure to disclose any relevant medical impairment or condition or from participation, i participate at my own risk. I am voluntarily participating in these activities with knowledge of the risks and dangers involved. I hereby agree to follow activity instructions by class leaders strictly to ensure correct techniques are used to avoid injury. 

​2. Hip Hop Pop take no responsibility for bank charges incurred by direct debit bouncing or customers account going over drawn. I understand Hip Hop Pop will be using respected third party company - GoCardless to collect the direct debit. You are signing up to a 1 month membership at £10, then I will receive an email confirming the monthly price change to £20 at the end of month 1. You must inform us in writing or by email if you wish to cancel your membership. Each monthly payment covers the coming month. Payments must be made on time, should a payment fail, it will be retried up to a maximum of 4 times. Please be aware if payment isn't made within 1 month / no alternative payment method is made, we have the right to cancel your membership. You can cancel at any point by emailing

3. We look after your data according to DP and GDPR laws, see our Privacy policy on website for more info. Therefore we will only contact you about things to do with your membership, including live classes, streamable classes, guest workshops, free additional content and member only extras. Anything else - we will only contact you should you 'opt-in- to receive such information in the form above. You can opt-out at any point by emailing

4. I agree to allow Hip Hop Pop to use any format of video/audio reocridng of me during sessions for promitional purpurses directly related to Hip Hop Pop. This may be record by Hip Hop Pop or sent to Hip Hop Pop by myself.