Because of government social distancing guidelines our class sizes are vastly reduced, therefore, for the time being we have split classes in to 2 groups, offering all students: 1 week in the studio and 1 week live via Zoom virtually, alternating each week. Your free trial class will be in-person in the studio, and then, if you wish to join, the following week will be virtual, live from your home via Zoom, then the week after you'll be back in studio and so on. So to clarify, your free trial will be in-person in the studio.
Also - due to limited space and/or our venues still being closed in Stortford, all Bishop's Stortford clasess are temporarily being held at the Harlow Playhouse, until the moment we have access back in to our normal venues without social distance restrictions OR when we've sourced a venue big enough (with availability) to accommodate for our split group sizes with social distancing in place.
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