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HIP HOP POP School Club Booking Form (SEP TO DEC 2019 TERM)

Your consent is needed...

Your consent is needed...We would love to send you a termly newsletter about the Hip Hop Pop Schools clubs, give you the chance to enter our competition to win money off your subsequent terms, and let you know about school holiday clubs and activities we run for children, and on occasion, let you know about dance workshops/classes outside of the Schools Clubs, please select YES below to allow us to contact you about the above, or NO if you do not wish for us to contact you about the above activities and opportunities. Please note you are welcome to opt-out of this at a later date should you wish to, simply by emailing jenny@hiphoppop.co.uk with the subject line 'opt-out of all indirect correspondence *


Hip Hop Pop Ltd, Schools Clubs Ltd and Productions Ltd, will look after your data with due care in accordance with GDPR 2018 and Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. Your data will be processed for the direct purpose of having your / the student’s emergency contact details and to keep you informed of how to continue to renew your place in the club each term, this information is also vital to the safe operation of our sessions and allows us to contact you if there are any changes to your session. Sensitive data, including medical conditions will not be shared with any third party and forms an integral part of Hip Hop Pop being able to deliver safe sessions and activities. Your data will not be shared with third parties, you may from time to time receive direct purpose texts/emails from us regarding information your child’s place in the club, for example, confirming your place, letting you know performance times, or how to continue with us into next term. By signing this form you understand how and why we are processing your data. Your data is captured via this form provided by 'formsite' whom encrypt your data collected form their secure form page. You may also be redirected to Stripe for payments who also encrypt and protect your data too on a secure webpage.  You are within your rights at any time to ask for access to the data we hold on you, we will happily provide you with said information at no cost to you. We do require you to keep us informed of any changes to your personal data when they arise, whilst you are a customer of ours, to ensure we meet GDPR regulations. You are also within your rights to be 'forgotten' if your data is no longer integral to the participation of activity for the data subject. For further reading on our Data Protection Policy please contact jenny@hiphoppop.co.uk for a copy. On occasion we may take photos or videos to add to our School Club website and social media (if your school permits). If you do not wish your child to be featured in any of these publications, please do let us know before the start of term. Hip Hop Pop and the instructors delivering sessions for the brand will ensure movements taught are technically correct and delivered in a safe fashion, students are expected to follow these instructions to the best of their ability. By signing the form above, you agree to understanding the sessions are physical and there is an element of risk involved. We may require further information regarding any medical conditions. In this instance a more detailed form will be sent for you to complete, (for example those who require Epi Pens).  Students are to wear loose comfortable clothing to all sessions, school uniform is also OK, but preferably no skirts or dresses to allow students to participate in all movements. Footwear: Trainers or plimsoles, bare feet if necessary  but no socks or school shoes. No jewellery or chewing gum during sessions. Deposit is non-refundable. If the deposit is paid and the student attends more than the first 3 sessions, the full term fee is due. We offer a 'sibling discount' of 10% off for families with more than 1 child attending, as well as added a manageable payment plan option for all students.Once you have signed agreement of our t’s and c’s we will presume your continued agreement for the duration of your child taking classes with us, unless 1) you inform us otherwise or 2) our t’s and c’s are amended in which case we will require you to resign them.

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