2017 Enduro2 Les Arcs Entry

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION - Please Read Before Completing Form

All entrants must be aware that whilst the Enduro2 race follows a uplift-biased route; this merely allows competitors to race more vertical descent than would otherwise be possible. Entrants should be aware that a very high level of both fitness and endurance is required to complete the event safely. The route includes a number of challenging liaison stages with climbs of up to 500m (2 hours solid climbing at a reasonable pace). Some timed stages may last up to 20 minutes or more at intense race-pace. Expect each day to be over 50km of trail riding and on-the-hill time of 7 to 8 hours. In addition to coping with the mental and physical challenge of fatigue, all competitors should be both competent and confident in riding in a high Alpine environment, with rapidly changing weather a distinct possibility. Riders must provide their own lunch (or purchase this in local mountain restaurants and shops), unless they book a full-supported package option.

Expect very steep, exposed, rocky, rooty, switch-backy, and at all times challenging terrain, usually with no easy alternative option other than to dismount and walk for all riders except those of the highest skill and confidence levels.

Bearing in mind the above, all competitors must select and prepare an appropriate bike with which to participate.

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