Offended Heart Self-Assessment


Answer the following questions to determine if you may be struggling with an offended heart. If any portion of the question below is true more often than not about yourself, please answer yes. Otherwise, mark no.  Once the self-assessment is completed, you will receive an email with the results.  Based upon your answers, we will recommend a course of treatment.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This does not take the place of a professional assessment. We strongly encourage you to schedule an initial counseling session with a Licensed Professional Counselor to determine if an offended heart is an issue in your relationship.

1. Do you find yourself thinking and believing your qualities are better than those of others, or you find yourself thinking and believing the qualities of others are worse than they are? *
2. Do you find yourself in judge, jury, and executioner thinking. You role play, fantasize and simmer thoughts about getting even with those you believe have hurt, disrespected, or offended you, winning the case every time? *
3. Are you quick to accuse, blame or criticize others for your problems in your thoughts and actions? *
4. Do you find yourself unable to sleep or once awakened at night are unable to fall back asleep due to racing thoughts of the events of the day and those you believe have “done you wrong?” *
5. Are you easily angered or become defensive when asked to change or are confronted about your behaviors? *
6. Do you believe if only others would change your relationships with them would better? *
7. Do you lose track of time or are unaware of the amount of time that has passed as you have been thinking about how others have “hurt” you? *
8. Do you not believe there is any way to make lemonade out of the lemons life has given you? *
9. Do you usually assume something negative when there is no evidence to support it? For example, do you stay in your head not sharing your thoughts with others, thinking you know the true intentions of others, which is usually to harm or take advantage of you? *
10. Do you allow your emotions to dictate how you act? *
11. Do others see you as arrogant, unteachable and/or entitled based on the behaviors they have seen from you, but you might disagree? *
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