Mark White Academic Excellence Award in Pain Medicine

Eligible applicants
Applicants must be members of the Texas Pain Society. The award will be given to a single individual for published research advancing the field of pain medicine. In the case of multiple authors, the award will be presented to either the lead or senior author at the discretion of the selection committee.

Eligible projects
Eligible publications include original pieces (case reports, case series, meta-analysis, retrospective review and peer- reviewed articles) and those already published in a journal by the applicant. In addition, work accepted for publication but not yet published will be considered if documentation of acceptance is provided. To be eligible, the publication must directly relate to the field of pain medicine or an ancillary field with important impact on the treatment of patients with pain. No industry supported abstracts will be considered.

The application must be completed by the applicant themselves. Recommendations for consideration can be provided by any Texas Pain Society member. The application must include the specific contributions of the applicant author to the publication. All submissions must disclose the journal(s) to which the paper was submitted, and any news outlets to which press releases were sent.

Decision making and feedback
The winner of the award will be determined by members of the Texas Pain Foundation Selection Committee. The process of evaluation will utilize a rubric that emphasizes both scientific quality and clinical impact. The winner of the award will be announced prior to the Annual TPS meeting. The winner will receive a plaque, a room night and complimentary registration to the Annual Meeting and up to $250 in travel reimbursements. The winner will have a 15 minute time during the Annual Meeting to present an overview of the paper.

Deadline for submissions is October 8, 2022

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