West Side Bazaar Tabling Request

Setting up a table in a high traffic location at the West Side Bazaar is a great way to raise brand awareness. Please review the following policy before requesting a table.

Startup Business/Non-Profit (less than 2 years operating) 


Non-Profit/Government Agency


Business/Organization (more than 2 years operating) 



Tabling Reservation Policies:

1. All tabling reservations should be made via Formsite.

2. In order to request a table reservation, you must be registered business or organization that can provide a valid W9 and general liability insurance.

3. Reservations must be made at least five business days prior to tabling date.

4. Payment is due upon reservation confirmation.

5. Reservations may not be subcontracted, representatives from the entity making the reservation must be present

6. Westminster Economic Development Initiative, Inc must be additionally insured and provided with paperwork confirmation submitted 48 hours beforehand indicating so. Failure to do so will result in loss of tabling reservation.

Westminster Economic Development Initiative, Inc

436 Grant St.

Buffalo, NY 14213

7. Tabling is available Tuesday-Thursday 11am-6pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-7pm. Load-in may coordinated no earlier than 10am.

8. Each reservation includes one (1) five foot table and two chairs. Only tables and chairs provided and installed by West Side Bazaar Management permitted.

9. No more than two members of the organization/business may be present at a table.

10. The tabling organization may not move or change the location of the table, nor block walkways in any way.

11. Displays and activities associated with the table reservation cannot block the free flow of traffic or encroach in the walkway. Examples include: stands, signs, or A-frames.

12. No posting is permitted on walls, windows, doors, trees or receptacles around the table, but posters may be attached to the table.

13. Placement of easels, television screens, or other objects that might protrude into the walkway must have prior approval by West Side Bazaar Management

14. Tables are available for disseminating literature, sharing information, recruiting, and approved activities only. Commercial sales must be communicated upon reservation request and is subject to approval by West Side Bazaar management.

15. Amplified sound is not permitted at the table.

16. Vendors are required to pick up and clean their display area after their display time.

17. Vendors are required to be at or near their tables and cannot solicit West Side Bazaar patrons.

18. Vendors/displays are NOT permitted to promote directly or indirectly the use of alcohol, marijuana, drugs, tobacco, or obscene material.

19. Credit card promotion or “payday” loan companies are not permitted.

20. WEDI and West Side Bazaar Management reserves the right to deny reservation requests that are not in line with the mission, vision, and values of WEDI.

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