Mural at 977 Farmington

The West Hartford Art League, in partnership with LaSalle Road Partners II, LLC is seeking proposals for a large scale public art mural to be created on the side of a building located at 977 Farmington Ave, West Hartford Center.
The mural theme is the iconic postcard image of “Greetings from” and the town name. “Greetings from West Hartford” can reflect West Hartford iconic landmarks, community history, the overall cultural landscape and diversity of the community, etc. The goal is for this mural to serve as a community attraction for residents and visitors. The iconic postcard image can be a starting point but the overall image should reflect West Hartford.
Mural Location and dimensions:
The mural will be installed on the exterior, east-facing facade of a privately owned building at 977 Farmington Ave (Scroll to bottom of the page for an image of the building.) This site has high visibility and a significant amount of pedestrian traffic.
The mural dimensions are 90 ' wide x 26 ' high. This is total paintable mural area, it does not incorporate entire wall.
Selection Process:
A selection committee from The West Hartford Art League will select three finalists. The final selection will be made by LaSalle Road Partners II, LLC, together with the West Hartford Art League.
We will take the following into consideration when selecting the final design:
-the artistic excellence, vibrancy, and originality of the artists design -the appropriateness of the design for ithe proposed site
-the documented experience of the artist in completing similar projects
Budget: $16,500. This amount is all inclusive and includes materials and all supplies.
Submission guidelines and requirements:
This is open to all artists over 18 years of age with previous mural experience.
Artists are responsible for the entire mural execution including the hiring and paying of assistants, or an associate, if the artist so chooses.
To be considered, applicants must iupload the following: Small portfolio (2-3 images) of past mural works.
Artist statement: To include biography, website, and/or social media. Preliminary budget and materials list.
Submission process:
There is no submission fee. Artists may submit more than one proposed design.
All components of the proposal must be submitted in digital format via the online submission portal linked here by midnight on Friday, August 26th, 2022.
Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
Saturday, july 16th, 2022 at 6 am - project opens
Friday, August 26, 2022 at 11:59 P.M. ( Application Closes)
Monday, August 29 – Committee Review
Friday, September 2: Artist Notification
September 5: Project start.
October 1, 2022 ; Project completed
Site conditions:
The mural will be painted on the east facing brick façade of a large building. The space available for the mural is approx-imately 90 feet x 26 feet. It is clean and in good condition for an installation and will be primed. The wall abuts the sidewalk; there are no obstructions. We will work with the selected artist to accommodate requests for access to power and water as well as overnight storage of materials.
The selected artist must show proof of liability insurance prior to beginning mural installation. All proposed designs remain the property of the artist unless the design is selected.
The selected design and installed mural will be the property of the LaSalle Road Partners II, LLC. As such, no royalties or fees, beyond the initial artist’s fee, will be attached to its ongoing use.
Any unapproved substitutions or deviations from the approved final design or proposed materials may result in termination of contract, removal of imagery, and non-payment of any amount due
We expect the materials chosen for longevity and to hold up for a reasonable amount of time. We will do our part by preparing the wall prior to the mural being created (cleaning, priming) however, while we will make efforts to do so when needed, there will be no institutional or ethical obligation to keep mural looking new, repair any damages, or clean off graffiti.
If selected, you agree to allow the West Hartford Art League and LaSalle Road Partners II, LLC to document your mural production process via photography and video. You will also need to agree to participating in video interviews.
If selected, the West Hartford Art League and LaSalle Road Partners II, LLC holds the rights of all images, photographs, and videos produced.
For more information on procedures and application submission, please email Roxanne Stachelek at
Please upload a document detailing expected costs for the project:
Please format as follows:
Materials: (itemized)
Scaffolding or rental of scissor truck: Assistant fee:
Artist stipend:

My signature certifies that I agree with the terms set forth in this prospectus *
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