Thank you for your interest in Green Apple Accreditation of Children’s Services. To apply for Accreditation as a NEW or RENEWING applicant, please complete the form online below. If you have any questions, please contact our offices at Phone: 904-293-1357 or Email: Keep a copy of the Accreditation Application for your records.
Please review the GAACS Accreditation Step by Step Process carefully. It is important to note that each step in the process must be completed before accreditation may be granted.


Step 1: Are you a member of GAACS? If yes then continue to Step 2. If not then submit the membership application to join GAACS.

Step 2: Do you hold a child care license, Green Apple license exempt certificate, or a school exemption? If so then complete Accreditation Application and submit with the nonrefundable application fee. If not, then STOP.

You will need to obtain a child care license, school exemption, or Green Apple license/religiuos exemption before you can begin the accreditation process

Step 3: GAACS Office will email a username and password to access the Accreditation Standads Manual online.

Step 4: Upon receipt of online credentials, login to the member portal to download and complete the Self Study Guide and submit to GAACS office along with all required documentation. The Self Study must be completed within ten months from the date of accreditation application.

Extension of Time Request Form

If the provider is unable to complete the Self Study within ten months then the provider must request an Extension of Time PRIOR TO the expiration of the ten months.

Failure to request an Extension of Time within the ten months will result in the provider having to complete a new application for accreditation or pay additional fees to continue the accreditation process

Step 5: GAACS Office will review your Self Study Guide and documentation upon receipt of the Request for Self Study Review.

Step 6: When notified in writing that your Self Study has been accepted (Candidate Status) then the school/program is eligible to schedule a site visit inspection/survey.

Step 7: Complete the Request for Site Visit Inspection and submit it to the GAACS Office along with the nonrefundable fee.

Step 8: GAACS will schedule an unannounced site visit.

Step 9: The GAACS Site Visit Inspection team will make a recommendation for approval, denial, or deferral of accreditation based on the site visit inspection.

GAACS Office will review the inspection report, recommendation, and all documents submitted through the Self Study process and make the final decision. GAACS Office will notify you in writing should you be granted or denied accreditation.

Step 10: Upon written notification of accreditation and receipt of an accreditation certificate then you may advertise as a GAACS Accredited School. Display your accreditation certificate in a conspicuous place.

Step 11: Should your school be denied accreditation status then you may appeal the decision in writing within 30 days from the date of notification. Your letter must show how you met the requirements during the application process.

Failure to appeal the denial in writing within 30 days constitutes forfeit of right to appeal. Unless otherwise stated, you are welcome to reapply when able to meet the standards.

Note: Your application for accreditation is valid for ten months. The Accreditation Application fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the GAACS Accreditation Step by Step Process. *

Organization Contact Information

Are you a first time applicant or renewing member? *
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Organization Leadership

Program Categories

Traditional Accreditation - Single and Multiple site locations that do NOT operate as a Franchise. Multiple sites owned and operated by the same entity or person may incur a ten percent discount. Call for details. All Enrichment Programs must pay the Base Accreditation Fee and the applicable Program Fee(s).
How many locations are you applying for? *
Single Site Accreditation 🛈
Multi-Site Accreditation: This section is for providers with multiple site locations that are applying for Traditional Accreditation must list the COMPLETE ADDRESS for each site including the Street, City, State, and Zip Code. Click the (+) Plus to add or (-) Minus button to delete site locations. Multi-site discount code is GREEN2022.
How many locations? 🛈
Multi-site Organizations: List the complete address including street, city, state, and zip code for each site/location you are applying for. You will need to include an email address for each site, you are applying for. 
Site 1 Physical Address
Site 1 Email Address
Site 2 Physical Address
Site 2 Email Address
Site 3 Physical Address
Site 3 Email Address
Site 4 Physical Address
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Site 5 Physical Address
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Site 6 Physical Address
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Site 7 Physical Address
Site 7 Email Address
Site 8 Physical Address
Site 8 Email Address
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Corporate System Accreditation

Corporate System Accreditation: Franchises and corporations that operate like a Franchise and are applying for accreditation must list the COMPLETE ADDRESS for each site including the Street, City, State, and Zip Code. Click the (+) Plus to add or (-) Minus button to delete site locations.
Corporate Systems 🛈
Corporate System Accreditation - for Schools and Behavioral Health Franchises and Corporations that operate as a Franchise. For Corporate Systems that have less than 21 Sites (Schools) or (Behavioral Health) Programs see the pricing structure below. Programs with more than 21 sites should call the Accreditation Office for a quote.
Site 1
Site 2
Site 3
Site 4
Site 5
Site 6
Site 7
Site 8
Site 9

Accreditation Checklist

Eligibility *
A member of GAACS in good standing
Must be licensed or approved by the applicable state agency
Must be registered with the state division of corporation
Must complete GAACS Self Study Guide within timeline
Adhere to the GAACS Step by Step Process
Verification *
 Respond to each statement.
Date Membership Application and fee submitted to GAACS.
Name of Licensing Authority.
Name of Parent Entity/Corporate System.
Year Established.
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Organization Type *


Be it resolved that we, the governing body of this organization do hereby declare that we have answered the above statements honestly and in complete accordance with the basis, principles, and policies that govern this organization and that a motion to this effect is recorded in the official minutes of the organization. We indemnify and hold harmless Green Apple Accreditation of Children's Services (GAACS), its representatives, successors, and its members both now and forever. Furthermore, I certify that I have the authority to complete this application on behalf of the organization. I/We have read and agree to the REFUND POLICY, FEES, AND TERM LIMITS and understand that ALL FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE and NONTRANSFERABLE. The transaction may not be canceled once it is processed. There are additional FEES for Site Visit (Survey) Inspections and Travel Expenses (may be assessed), which will be due in furtherance of this application for accreditation. I/We have also read and agree to the PRIVACY POLICY and POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL.

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