Speech & Debate (Website, Handout)
Palo Alto High School’s Speech and Debate Team is a well-established, state- and nationally- ranked team comprised of supportive individuals who work together to improve their speaking and argumentation abilities, as well as compete in a wide array of different speech and debate events (below.)
Students join the team for many reasons including boosting their confidence and critical thinking and speaking skills, winning tournaments and trophies, or just for having fun. The Paly Speech and Debate team welcomes everyone regardless of prior experience and is a place for both true beginners and seasoned competitors. The team also allows students to participate in whatever capacity works best for them, whether that be consistent attendance or making it fit with other co curriculars. We are always welcoming of new members and would love to see you on the team this coming fall. Come visit us on Club Day or if you have questions, email team director Jennie Savage at jenniesavage1@gmail.com.  We offer:
Debate Events:
  • Lincoln Douglas
  • Public Forum
  • Congressional Debate
Speech Events:
  • Original Oratory
  • Original Advocacy
  • Original Pose and Poetry
  • Dramatic, Humorous, Oratorical, and Duo Interpretation
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Expository Speaking

Donate to Paly Speech and Debate

Your contributions are not required for your student’s participation in this activity in any way and are entirely voluntary.  Your valuable contributions help Paly go beyond the basics in providing enhanced student experiences.

If you would like to donate, make a check out to PAHS with DEBATE in the memo line.

Mail it to Lisa Stone, Palo Alto High School, 50 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto CA 94301.
If you have questions please email: palyspeechanddebate@gmail.com.