Media Arts Boosters (Description, Handout)
COMMUNITY & CONNECTION as we return to school

Our award-winning and nationally-recognized publications and broadcast programs will create community and connections that will be a critical part of our students' back to in-person school experience.
Here is YOUR opportunity to support our program to be robust and nimble and innovate on behalf of our students.  Please donate to Paly Media Arts Boosters — we are the financial support for ALL Paly Media Arts Center programs, impacting over 600 students in our program, but truly the whole student body.
Here are some ways that you can consider supporting these initiatives:

$100.00 Donation Funds:
  • Our radio station SoundCloud subscription
  • Our magazine photographers' consumable needs (i.e. batteries, memory cards, lens filters)
$250.00 Donation Funds:
  • Our submissions for five student contest entries
  • Our membership and contest entries for National Scholastic Press Association or Columbia Scholastic Press Association
$500.00 Donation Funds:
  • Our website hosting fees for one of the publications
  • Part of our royalty music subscription fee for all broadcast and video production needs
  • Cameras, graphics tablets, and broadcast/podcast equipment
Please note that the suggested donation amount for parents of students in MAC classes is $250.00
  • C Magazine arts and culture magazine
  • Music Technology
  • InFocus TV broadcasting
  • KPLY digital radio
  • Madrono yearbook
  • Proof photo and lit mag
  • The Campanile newspaper
  • Beginning Journalism
  • Paly Voice 24/7 digital news
  • Viking sports magazine
  • Graphic Design programs
  • Photography programs and speakers
  • Verde news/feature magazine
  • Ink! literary magazine
  • Video production
  • Anthro! Social issues magazine
Paly Media Arts Boosters is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization Tax ID# 46-2866404

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Your contributions are not required for your student’s participation in this activity in any way and are entirely voluntary.  Your valuable contributions help Paly go beyond the basics in providing enhanced student experiences.
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