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The Paly Fiery ARTS supports the mission of Paly sculpture students having a full ceramic and sculpture studio. Due to COVID19 Sculpture classes will be taught online starting in the fall. 

We have cancelled the annual Fall Glass Sale and the Winter Holiday Glass Sale is TBD. When students can start classes in person again, we will return to a full Paly sculpture curriculum with updated safety protocols. Paly sculpture students have access to a full ceramic and sculpture studio. Materials studied focus on clay and include glass, wood, metal, stone, plaster, and found objects.
There are only a handful of public high schools that have this comprehensive sculpture curriculum. We need your HELP to continue this unique Paly program.

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Your contributions are not required for your student’s participation in this activity in any way and are entirely voluntary.  Your valuable contributions help Paly go beyond the basics in providing enhanced student experiences.
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